How Corporate Philanthropy Can Lead the Fight Against Menstrual Inequality

November 27, 2023

Dignity Grows is a nonprofit organization leading the fight against Period Poverty through direct product distribution, support programs, strategic corporate partnerships, and data-driven social policy change. The organization, which began as a one-time local project, has rapidly evolved into a national phenomenon. Recognizing the significance of collaboration, Dignity Grows actively engages in partnerships with corporations to amplify its impact and address the root causes of Period Poverty. This is why corporate philanthropy is important in sustaining and expanding our mission to ensure menstrual dignity for all.

Dignity Grows’ innovative model of anonymous giving builds bridges and connects communities.

Importance of Corporate Partnerships in Advancing Social Causes

As Dignity Grows continues to make strides in its mission to combat Period Poverty, corporate partnerships are becoming more vital to its impact. By collaborating with companies that share the commitment to menstrual equity and comprehensive hygiene, Dignity Grows has harnessed the potential of corporate philanthropy to further its impact on a national scale.

A group of people put their hands together. Text reads "thanks to our generous partners, Dignity Grows distributes over 50,000 hygiene totes every year."

Here’s why corporate partnerships are essential in advancing social causes:

Amplifying Reach and Social Impact

Corporate partnerships extend the reach of organizations like Dignity Grows, enabling them to touch the lives of even more individuals in need. These collaborations help bridge the gap between resources and those who require them most, creating a more efficient and far-reaching impact.

Resource Mobilization For Those In Need

Companies have access to a wide range of resources, both financial and human-powered. When harnessed for social causes, these resources can significantly boost the capabilities of nonprofits. For Dignity Grows, corporate partnerships mean greater access to holistic hygiene care products, financial support, and expert knowledge.

Taking Advantage of Expertise and Innovation 

Corporations often possess specialized expertise in areas such as logistics, marketing, and technology. This knowledge can be invaluable for nonprofits striving to improve their operations, raise awareness, and innovate in their approach to solving societal issues.

Community Building and Collaboration

Collaborations with corporate partners create a sense of unity and shared purpose. They foster a community of like-minded organizations, companies, and individuals, all committed to making a difference. This sense of unity can be a powerful force for change.

In the fight against menstrual inequality, corporate partnerships have proven to be a driving force behind Dignity Grows’ success. These partnerships not only amplify the organization’s reach but also provide the resources and expertise needed to effect real change. 

Understanding Menstrual Inequity

Menstrual inequity refers to the unequal access and opportunities related to menstruation and menstrual health. Many individuals struggle to afford or access period products like pads, tampons, or other products, which can impact their ability to manage menstruation hygienically and comfortably.

This disparity, known as Period Poverty, can cause disruptions in school attendance, and work availability, and cause menstruators to miss out on other areas of their day-to-day lives. The consequences of Period Poverty affect the overall well-being and opportunities of those who menstruate.

Creating Menstrual Equity Through Corporate Philanthropy

Dignity Grows works to combat Period Poverty by creating menstrual equity. Menstrual equity is created by rectifying the imbalances caused by Period Poverty and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have equal access to menstrual products, education, and opportunities.

A definition of Menstrual Equity is depicted. It is the human dignity that comes from having their most basic personal hygiene needs met.
Dignity Grows understands that tackling menstrual inequality and achieving menstrual equity is not a solitary endeavor but instead a collective mission. Collaborations, including corporate partnerships, are crucial in advancing the cause. They signify an essential step toward creating a more inclusive and equitable educational and social landscape, promising a brighter future for all, regardless of their gender.

Aligning Company Values to a Nonprofit Partnership

Corporate philanthropy partnerships are flexible endeavors that can be customized to align with a company’s core values and strategic objectives. It’s important to recognize that these partnerships are not one-size-fits-all, and a tailored approach can yield beneficial outcomes for both the corporation and the nonprofit organization.

Some factors that can be adapted to fit an organization’s core values include:

  • Contributions (e.g. volunteers, monetary donations)
  • Length of commitment (e.g. one-time collaboration or continuous)
  • Publicity (organizations can choose to publicize the partnership or keep it behind the scenes)

Corporate philanthropy partnerships are not generic transactions but dynamic collaborations that can be tailored to align with a company’s values and objectives. Partnership customization ensures that both the company and the nonprofit can work together more effectively to create a positive impact, which is a win-win for all stakeholders involved.

Partnering with Dignity Grows

Choosing to partner with Dignity Grows will have a tangible impact on women and girls across the United States. Learn more about a corporate partnership with Dignity Grows or donate today.

Frequently Asked Questions


How have corporate partnerships impacted Dignity Grows?

Thanks to corporate partnerships and dedicated volunteers, Dignity Grows is able to distribute over 50,000 Dignity Grows hygiene totes across the United States every year – and that number is growing!

What are the benefits of corporate partnerships for nonprofits like Dignity Grows?

The benefits of corporate partnerships for nonprofits like Dignity Grows include increased access to resources, expertise, and a broader reach, enabling more effective and impactful efforts to combat menstrual inequality.

What resources can corporations provide in nonprofit partnerships?

Corporations can provide various resources in nonprofit partnerships, including financial support, in-kind donations, access to expertise, marketing and logistical assistance, and human resources like volunteers.

How do I choose the best nonprofit to partner with for my corporation?

To choose the best nonprofit for your corporation, consider the alignment of values, shared goals, and the potential for meaningful impact in areas relevant to your corporate mission and expertise.