Our Approach

What is Period Poverty?

  • Over 35% of Americans cannot afford monthly menstrual hygiene necessities.
  • Period Poverty is a key social determinant of health.
  • Nearly half of those impacted by Period Poverty live above the federal poverty level and beyond the scope of any assistance or supplemental programs.
  • The fastest growing rate of Period Poverty is on college campuses.
  • For students, Period Poverty leads to chronic absenteeism. For adults, it causes missed work time and wages and can further compound under- or un- employment.

What is hygiene inequity?

  • Millions of our neighbors cannot access basic hygiene products on a routine basis. 
  • In CT, government assistance programs such as FoodStamps do not cover hygiene items.
  • Impacted householders routinely face tough choices between purchasing food for their families or hygiene items for themselves.
    Dignity Grows is dedicated to the holistic hygiene health and wellness of the individual, family and whole Hartford community. 
    The Dignity Grows Hartford Chapter provides FREE urgent comprehensive and menstrual hygiene products to over 15,000 underserved community members every year.
    Dignity Grows Totes are reusable shoulder-bags, each filled with a full month supply of period products and comprehensive hygiene essentials: maxi pads, pantyliners, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and hand wipes.
    The unique Dignity Grows model is recipient-focused. All items in a Dignity Grows Tote are brand new and sized for a full month hygiene routine. The Hartford Chapter ensures all recipients can anticipate exactly what they will receive each month and have the ability to manage their personal budgets accordingly.
    Dignity Grows is a community connector and convenor. The Hartford Chapter partners with over 90 local social service organizations to ensure Dignity Grows hygiene totes are distributed to community members in need each and every month. The Hartford Chapter facilitates the region’s foremost network of social service providers, connecting agencies to coordinate efforts and share broadspectrum resources.
    Dignity Grows’ Corporate Sponsors partner with Hartford Chapter leaders to respond to and ease the current Period Poverty and hygiene inequity crises in the community.