Starting a Dignity Grows Chapter: The Complete Guide

December 8, 2023

Starting a Dignity Grows chapter is simple and impactful and builds meaningful bridges across your community.

If you feel inspired by Dignity Grows’ mission to create menstrual equity for all, but there isn’t a chapter near you, and you’re considering creating your own, start here! Launching a new Dignity Grows chapter allows you to positively impact your community, with the national team’s support and experience available to guide you along the way.

What is a Dignity Grows Chapter?

A Dignity Grows chapter is a local group representation for the Dignity Grows national mission to alleviate the effects of Period Poverty. Starting a local chapter is a quick way to make an impact in your immediate community without going through the process of forming a new nonprofit organization.

A dialogue bubble has a quote from a Dignity Grows volunteer. "Working with Dignity Grows provides women the things they need to take care of themselves and removes barriers from their ability to go to work, school, or wherever they need."

What is Period Poverty?

Period Poverty is defined as a lack of, or uncertain access to, basic menstrual hygiene products due to financial constraints. Dignity Grows addresses Period Poverty while also considering the holistic hygiene needs of the individual.

Nonprofit organizations with multiple chapters operate a bit like franchises. Similar to businesses, the main organization copyrights its name, develops branding assets and channels, and sets up licensing agreements with each chapter. From there, each chapter takes on tasks like advancing the mission, recruiting members, and managing day-to-day operations.

Dignity Grows chapters provide “boots on the ground” hygiene support for those in need in their home communities. Local volunteers assemble hygiene product-filled tote bags, following the tried and true Dignity Grows model. With fundraising, volunteer engagement, accessing products at below-market value pricing and the distribution of the free totes in the community, the Dignity Grows team is here to provide ongoing support and guidance.

Why Should You Bring Dignity Grows to Your Community?

Dignity Grows chapters across the United States are leading the fight against Period Poverty through direct product support, vibrant partnerships, and community engagement. Starting a local Dignity Grows chapter ensures that your community is at the forefront of this effort and helps bridge the gap for neighbors facing the challenge of Period Poverty.

The experience shared by leaders of existing charters is nothing short of transformative. They describe it as inspiring, motivating, empowering, impactful, and eye-opening. Joining Dignity Grows isn’t just about addressing a critical issue—it’s about becoming part of a movement that brings positive change to individuals and communities alike. Starting a chapter in your community would make a lasting impact and create a more dignified and supportive environment for all.

5 Facts About Starting a Dignity Grows Chapter

  1. There is no charge to start a chapter, and chapters have no financial responsibility to the national DG organization.
  2. All chapters operate under a local parent organization. A parent organization could be a religious center, community center, school, service organization, business, etc.
  3. The only requirement to be a chapter is obtaining insurance coverage (through the parent organization) and a willingness to follow the Dignity Grows model and branding principles.
  4. Local chapters are encouraged to operate and grow at a sustainable pace for each group.
  5. All resources raised in each chapter’s community stay in their community!
Dialogue bubbles contain adjectives Dignity Grows volunteers have used to describe their experience as a volunteer. Words include inspiring, motivating, impactful, empowering, and eye-opening

Support From Dignity Grows National Team

After starting a Dignity Grows chapter in your community, the national team will offer ongoing resources and support for chapter leaders.

  • Support from the Dignity Grows national organization includes:
  • An online resource portal available to all chapter leaders.
  • Roundtable networking and idea-sharing opportunities are held via
  • Zoom several times yearly.
    Weekly newsletters with valuable information, ideas, and updates from the organization on a national level.
  • Educational programs for chapters to use in their communities
  • Guides for program and volunteer engagement

Additionally, chapters are given access to Dignity Grows’ exclusive and strategic purchasing arrangements, allowing chapters to procure hygiene products and tote bags well below market value. Chapters form their own connections with local Distribution Partners, and the national team is happy to provide resources to help foster those relationships.

The mission behind the Dignity Grows organization makes it easy for chapters to engage with many volunteers, so though the national organization will provide support, each chapter should flourish independently.

Volunteers participate in a "packing party" to put together hygiene totes for people in need

Ready to bring Dignity Grows to your community and spread menstrual equity to your neighbors? Learn more about starting a chapter here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start a Dignity Grows chapter?

There is no cost to start a Dignity Grows chapter in your community. Additionally, local chapters do not need to pay dues of any kind to the national organization. The purpose of a chapter is to spread menstrual equity through resources that stay within your community.

What is required to start a Dignity Grows chapter?

You must have a parent organization that has insurance in order to begin a Dignity Grows chapter, as well as a commitment to making tangible change in your community. Click here to find out if there’s an existing chapter near you.

How do Dignity Grows chapters operate?

Each chapter fundraises for their own community and engages local volunteers to assemble tote bags filled with hygiene products. The totes are then distributed through social service agencies in that community, to ensure the hygiene support reaches members of the unique populations they serve.

How many chapters does Dignity Grows have?

As of November 2023, Dignity Grows has 60 chapters across the United States.